Key Reasons Why Property Agents Should Use a Property Inspection App

property inspection app benefits

Digital property inspections have the power to make the inspection process more efficient, allowing property agents to have a more seamless interaction with their clients and even easily close deals. Here’s why.

It’s empowering you professionally 

As a real estate agent who uses a property inspection software, you will gain a valuable skill by going digital. Having instant access to files, reports, and on-the-go inspections on your device, you will be able to streamline the inspection process considerably and create a seamless experience between you and your client.

It allows you to work smarter and be more efficient

property inspection app benefits

Using a property inspection software eliminates the tedious process of dealing with paperwork, and  having to photocopy and scan documents. Property inspection tools offer an easy way to transmit documents to tenants. Using the software,  you will be able to easily generate reports and email reports and forms directly to your client.

You can schedule inspections at your own convenience

Not only can you use the property inspection software to complete property inspections, but you can also schedule and organise your future inspections.

This creates a productive system, allowing you to be meticulous in the way you manage your workflow. It’s a well-known fact that being a property agent takes a lot of your time so by integrating the software in your daily work, you will get to simplify the process of planning your day.

Have access to instant information and data

property inspection app benefits

By going digital, you can also say goodbye to the fear of misplacing important documents or spending a huge amount of time digging through old file cabinets. You will no longer have to worry about lost or destroyed information.

A property inspection tool includes a secure storage system where you can get access to information from your device anywhere and anytime.

It protects you from liability

A thorough digital property inspection reduces the chances that you will be held liable for negligence. Instead, you will be able to settle disputes between landlords and tenants regarding particular damages.

Being able to settle such disputes will strengthen the relationship with your client. After all, even if the disputes are not always settled in their favour, they will know that they have reliable professionals inspecting the property.


Managing Serviced Apartments – How to Deliver a Better Guest Experience Through Data

property inspection app

One of the primary goals of every serviced apartment is to manage and exceed the expectations of their guests.  In the hospitality industry, a great customer service experience can make all the difference  to a client.

Understanding how customer service works and how guests perceive a great experience at your serviced apartment means that as a manager, you will have to ensure some processes go smoothly and efficiently; this is where digital property inspections come in handy.

Allowing you to create inspections on the go and have access to data just by pulling out information from digital reports, a property inspection software is the latest trend to integrate in your business.

With its use,  it’s safe to say that the hospitality industry has a lot to gain from dealing with well-curated information and data!

property inspection app

In the hospitality industry,  managers can actually use data to build a customised experience for each guest.  For instance, serviced apartments can collect information on previous trips, amenities, even restaurant preferences and cater their marketing to guests.

While data is certainly more prevalent in marketing initiatives, leaders in the hospitality space can also spend their time and efforts conducting inspections and using the collected data and analytics to further improve services and offer guests a better experience.

property inspection app

The biggest challenges in using big data in hospitality are around data collection and taking action upon data insights.

Hotel room inspection 

property inspection app

Having a guest receive a poor experience in your hotel can be a huge factor in how they rate their overall experience. Regular quality and safety inspections can ensure your staff are operating to compliance standards and deliver a topnotch experience to your guests.

Aside from checklists, there are so many more quality audits you can be conducting to gain visibility and ultimately exceed your guests expectations.

Maintaining high standards means knowing which services are lacking across your hotel business. Start making smarter, more informed decisions so you can work towards a world-class customer experience!

How a Digital Inspection App Will Improve Referrals and Drive Your Business

property inspection

Filling in inspection forms on site, carrying a bulky camera to take photos and document issues and doing paperwork has always been a struggle for property inspectors and property management businesses.

With the forms being outdated and constantly having to ensure that you are sending the papers back to the office for analysis and filing, it seems that the entire inspection process is so inefficient.

But with the use of a property inspection software, these issues are no longer viable as a this comes equipped with digital inspection templates that allow you to access your data anytime, anywhere.

Going digital allows your business to experience growth

property inspection

For businesses or individuals who consider transferring their paper inspections and audits to a digital system, the results are major from increasing operational efficiency to improving quality and safety practices to improving the quality effectiveness.

Integrating a property inspection software in your operations also means saving time and money, elements which are detrimental to any business.

With these efficiency and improvement gains, companies will get to experience growth in so many areas.

A digital inspection tool is crucial as it doesn’t only digitise old paper checklists and reports, it also gives businesses the opportunity to revisit existing operational processes to allow the company and the staff to grow.

Digital inspection apps give your employees access to information and data

property inspection

The benefit of a property inspection software is that your company’s data is available at your fingertips, so your designated staff can quickly curate the the data and see what needs to be improved in your company.

Also, regular property inspections allow you to strategically ensure your processes are clear, effective and have a high standard.

You will increase your company’s profits

property inspection

Going digital will help you make smarter decisions, run your operations more efficiently and even increase your profits. Digital technology gives you visibility and the easy access to important data means you can get analytics insights on the spot. 


5 Red Flags That Your Traditional Property Inspection Is Outdated

digital inspection

In today’s tech environment, it’s easy to see the benefits of going paperless; this immediately results in your business saving more money, having a more visible brand, making your processes and operations more efficient and getting to experience an easier way to keep track of data, reports and relevant information that’s at the core of your business.

Digital processes are revolutionising the consumer experience. and in order to stay current and up-to-date, companies need to modernise their processes and optimise their success when acquiring new customers or partnerships.

Too much paperwork is making the process inefficient 

digital inspection

In the digital era, nobody wants to deal with filing cabinets and tons of paperwork. With supplier invoices, excel sheets receipts, inventory forms and employee files, the average company uses a lot of paper.

But mobile inspection apps put information and data in the hands of your employees. Regular inspections allow you to systematically ensure your procedures are clear, effective and kept to a high standard.

In addition, you’ll have a digital trail to trace and plenty of data to anaylise, which may come in handy when identifying trends and using feedback to improve your business.

You have to deal with plenty admin overhead

digital inspection

The benefit of an digital inspection software is that your data is always available, so staff can see what has been accounted for, and what needs improving.

The system speeds up your inspections, allowing you to collect more data instantly, while increasing the accountability of your staff and reduces the admin processes they are involved in.

As a property manager or inspector, it’s essential to have property management inspection app in your device as your won’t have to deal with unnecessary admin work and piles of papers to be accountable for.

With the use of a property inspection app, you can easily perform tasks like maintaining records, pulling out data and running records in no time!

You aren’t making good use of important data 

If you’re still manually entering data, using Excel sheets and writing down notes on paper, it’s time for an upgrade. With the use of the data collected from your property inspections, you could be leveraging collective knowledge and identifying trends that can help your company grow.

Being able to easily pull out data from digital reports allows you to quickly identify process issues and find ways to fix them. Having data at your fingertips is also essential as it could uncover areas where you can gain more support or information about your case.

You are wasting time looking up old files and reports 

Time is essential when it comes to efficient work processes so whether you’re trying to do something as simple as referencing a past issue you experiences during an inspection or pull out an entire report, it’s safe to say that you wouldn’t want to spend hours looking through physical files.

This is where an investment in a digital property inspection app will come in handy as the DIY digital process will help you have access to information in an instant.

You aren’t able to properly track performance 

Many companies of all sizes still rely on manual data entry and paper-based forms to perform their property inspections, so it’s normal that these old methods put the businesses at a disadvantage for many reasons.

One of them remains the ability to improve operations through  planning and tracking performance. With an integrated auditing and inspection system, you can discern safety and quality trends in every process.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening to Your Inspection and Audit Data

digital inspection

For many property and facilities management companies, gathering and storing data remains one of the biggest operational challenges.  No matter how efficient the inspection itself can be and how professional the inspectors are in conducting the process, when business still employ the traditional pen and paper inspection process, many important aspects will be left out. This is where the role of a digital property inspection software comes in.

Going digital is important as it can define and change an entire industry’s operations; property managers and inspectors will now be able to make the process more efficient and forget about the long practice of manually writing comments and pulling out data from paper reports.

Here are some of the reasons why inspection data is important for your organisation.

1. You can access reports instantly

digital inspection

As an inspector, it’s obvious that over the years you have created and handled hundreds and thousands of reports. By using a property inspection software, you can easily retrieve reports by simply searching for it in your phone or tablet.

This way, not only will you be able to pull out the required information about a certain case, but even save precious time as you no longer have to physically check go through your cabinets and shelves to look for old written reports.

Even more, by using an inspection software, you can easily access all of your documents, reports and inspections and share them with your team; these can be stored in order to be easily accessed by authorised personnel.

2. You don’t have to worry about lost Information

digital inspection

With manual inspections, it’s not hard to lose important information. However, a  digital property inspection tool can include a secure storage system, which you can quickly access to property inspection information from your device. This way, your inspection and audit data remains secure and accessible, without the fear of losing it.

3. Use data insights to make improvements

digital inspection

With so much information at your fingertips, simply tap into all the data generated from your inspection and audit reports and use it as feedback and source for improvements in your company or organisation.

This is generally overlooked as auditing and inspections are perceived as a necessary evil rather than a way to generate valuable insights about your company. With a digital inspection software, your staff can pull out data to analyse areas where the company me be falling short with something and use the feedback to set clear goals and intentions for future projects.

4. Data is the foundation of good work relationships 

digital inspection

Data represents the foundation for the important and sometimes challenging conversations in any company. Instead of debating whether something is an issue or how large of an issue it poses, refer to the data and start focusing on how to improve processes and relationships with partners, clients and vendors.

You can also provide your staff the proper feedback to improve their own performance. Opening up data to the company gives everyone the information they need to communicate effectively and focus attention where they need.

5. You can document control 


If you’re working with paper audits, it can be difficult to get each location and team member using the correct template. When you have to roll out updates on the template, it’s hard to ensure everyone has received the relevant information.

Digital inspections allow you to create the desired template and share that with staff  immediately. This means more control over shared efforts and processes which will be rolled out. Also, if you’re planning  safety goals, you just give your app a quick run and easily spot how to proceed to the upcoming quarters.



Why an Inspection Software Will Make a Huge Impact on the F&B Industry

inspection software

Although we live in the age of advanced technology, when it comes to auditing and inspecting F&B facilities, assets and restaurants, there’s still a way long to go as many businesses still use pen and paper checklists, Excel spreadsheets and fillable PDF forms.

While these processes have been well integrated in how companies manage and inspect facilities for years, it’s clear that in today’s fast-paced environments, they can be difficult to roll out, complete and track over the years.

In this day and age’s digital space, more and more companies are starting to digitise processes in order to become more efficient in the way they are operating.

As this tech and digital space is becoming more prevalent, more companies should be starting to address the need for digital inspections and audits.

To get more insight into how the F&B industry is changing, check out Easy Inspection’s tips on how to make the switch to digital to make your business more efficient. 

Mobile innovation becomes a game-changer

software inspection

With thorough advances in technology, new softwares have the ability to empower consumers to get work done easier and more efficiently. With the easy use of smartphones and tablets to perform tedious tasks, more businesses will be at the core of this major change in operations.

You can simplify the inspection/audit process instantly

software inspection

The future of F&B industry revolves around the development of digital inspection solutions.  Today, companies are used to physical spaces filled to the brim with papers used from inspections and maintenance reports.

But to the company’s core business, this means loss of valuable data and information, more time spent on tedious and long tasks and spending higher costs.

To cut some redundant steps from the inspection or auditing process, companies can now focus on digital software; this will simplify the inspection and auditing process with the power of an app on your mobile device.

Inspection softwares allow you to create customized inspection reports, attach pictures right from your device, take notes, include information and rate issues. All data is then easily generated into reports that give you detailed information all of your properties, allowing you to have access to it anytime, anywhere.

Reduce operating costs

Managing facilities and assets in the F&B industry is a difficult process that often entails unforeseen expenses.

By thoroughly conducting regular inspections, your company will stay on top of maintenance issues and upcoming potential repairs as well as have all the safety checks needed to function properly and efficiently. A well-maintained asset not only saves you on repair costs, but also keeps customers and staff satisfied. 

While many of the companies out there still conduct inspections with pen and paper, thanks to the development of digital inspection softwares, you can now easily complete inspections and save precious time.

On-demand solutions save time and energy

software inspection

When managing facilities, your time is your most precious commodity. Time is money, and any extra time you spend on an outdated inspection process will only decrease your profits in the long run.

Digital inspection software changes the dynamics of time management by giving you the ability to smartly complete inspections with simple, user-friendly software.

With your reports safely secured within the digital inspection software, your business will run smoother and more efficiently. By saving up to 80% man hours on report generation and creation, digital management inspections can easily bring you the luxury of more time!

Why Digital Property Management Inspections Make You More Productive

property management

The property inspection process remains one of the main responsibilities for many management companies out there. While the process itself is essential, it is safe to say that a great deal of time is spent conducting these inspections.

Property inspections are usually done by the brokers,  owners, property managers and other support staff who need to get an accurate accountability of the property’s condition. This helps coordinate any necessary repairs and things to fix before renting out the property.

How does a property inspection work? 

First, how does a property inspection work? Traditional property management inspections are typically done with  a clipboard, pen, and a digital camera – a classic method used by most companies out there.

While this not only is an outdated way to undertake a property inspections, but it takes a great deal of time as well as does not allow the property management company to be as efficient and flexible.

The old way of property management inspection is becoming more and more archaic. Today, property management inspection software is changing the way brokers and property managers are able to provide value to property owners.

A great property management app will allow you to easily combine clipboard, paper, pens, digital camera into one easy to use software and mobile app.

property management

A professional property inspection determines if there is anything that needs to be fixed and uncovers any serious problems with the property.

Being aware of problems up front ensures that you have an idea of the cost of repairs before committing to the next step. Don’t forget, a thorough digital property inspection will save you time and money in the long run.

Prevent issues from occurring

property management

As a property manager, you can take a step further and start implementing a system that will save you time and money for many future projects ahead.

With inspection reports and maintenance reminders, a property management app helps you stay up to date on the repairs needed so that you can manage your properties in a way that prevents problems from occurring.

Manage existing issues easily 

property management

If your client needs to quickly fix an issue, as a property manager you can encourage them to communicate their concerns to you.  You can save and store your clients’ data and information in the property inspection software to better organise yourself for future problem-solving situations.

It’s cost-effective

property managemet

When a property inspection is more automated, you can spend your time focusing on other important projects as well such as growing your business and marketing your properties online.

When you have a simple, automated way to send out invoices, pay bills, and send out payment reminders, your financial management becomes easier, and you’ll plug some of the holes that may have been left open in the past, such as late payments or unpaid security deposits.

Any good property inspector will make use of a property inspection app while thoroughly conducting the inspection, so the inspection will be professional and save you precious time. In the end, your inspection will be a painless and worthwhile experience!

Why a Home Inspection Tool is Beneficial for Property Agents

home inspection benefits

Home inspections are extremely valuable before investing in a new property or renting a new home. However, they don’t just provide you with a list of issues you have to negotiate with the owner or developer to get a better deal.

home inspection benefits
Image credit: CC BY 2.0 / Mark Moz

When buying or renting  a new property, the inspection represents a crucial part of the process. This step will actually determine the final deal based on the findings of the report done.

As a property agent,  having to help a client achieve the smoothest and best deal is definitely the first step to showing your skills and professionalism.

Finding a new home is an extremely important step for your client so ensuring that they sail through the transaction easily remains a property agent’s main purpose.

Do remember that a good agent is an advocate for their client so taking the responsibility to professionally conduct the home inspection will not only help create a smooth transaction but also offer the necessary confidence that will help you get more referrals.

You have the power to offer warning signs

home inspection benefits
Image credit: Home Water Softener Reviews

As a home inspector, your responsibility will be able to assess major defects, safety concerns and potential threats. Pinpoint problems and offer suggestions on how to deal with them.

This information can help your client make an accurate decision. A buyer may think he’s buying a perfect home but trouble may be lurking under the drywall. As an experienced property agent, you can help spotting the most subtle signs and identify possible defects that can help your client.

You will impress your clients with your professionalism 

You can empower your client with knowledge and be transparent on the processes. In return, you will be able to build up your reputation as an expert and savvy agent and help with finalise a great transaction. The client will receive accurate and current information, positioning you as a source of referrals for future transactions.

You will help buyers feel confident about their transaction 

A home inspection assists in the sales process by making buyers feel certain about their purchase. It makes them happy and satisfied and eliminates buyer’s remorse. Additionally, when you advise a buyer to have a home inspected, it makes you look more professional in their eyes.

Home inspections are invaluable to homebuyers and tenants. Investing in a home or even relocating to another country and finding the ideal home is a big decision for any person so it is important to have it evaluated first. This helps clients save money and gives them peace of mind.

You can help with the negotiation 

home inspection benefits

You will save time 

Working with a home inspection app, will help you work systematically and efficiently, which means you will save time. Not only is it cost efficient, but a property inspection app can also help save time. Manually writing down notes on paper can easily be avoided, helping you to cut the hard work and efficiently organise the report digitally.


Property Inspection – What Is It?

home inspection

An introduction to the home inspection 

Home inspections are important as they provide you with a list of problems clients want to negotiate with the landlord to fix or something that makes them back out of the deal altogether.

While it’s important to note that a general home inspection involves a range of elements, which are mainly visual and structural – this means that potential issues or defects can be easily spotted by the home inspector.

During a home inspection, the home inspectors will analyse these factors and if they happen to uncover more complicated issues which are beyond their expertise, they will report them and advise the client to contact an expert in the field.

An example would be issues like the property’s electrical system or water pressure. In this case, the inspector will note the respective problems and recommend that the client should hire a licensed electrician and plumber to investigate in depth.

Whatever the issue may be, it’s imperative that the clients get the house inspected, whether it’s a brand new property or not.  Here are some things to consider before the big day. 

What is a home inspection? 

A thorough inspection should examine certain components of the property and then produce a report covering the specific findings.

When the big day comes, you know that you will be able to negotiate repairs with your home inspection app in hand.  Start by logging in a list of needed improvements. After coming up with the report, you can request the owner to make these repairs.

A typical inspection lasts a couple of hours, depending on the type of property (perhaps 2-3 hours if the property is a landed house or a bungalow for instance) and the tenant should be present for the inspection to get a firsthand explanation of the inspector’s findings and, if necessary, ask questions that can later help in the negotiation.

If you’re a tenant or planning to buy a property, any issues or problems the inspector discovers will make more sense if you see them in person instead of relying only on the snapshot photos in the report.

home inspection

The inspector should take note of safety issue, major defects, minor defects such as items that need replacement or should be repaired.

The inspector 

The inspector’s job is to advise and clarify what the client has to fix or improve or take note of the property’s issues. The final objective is to inspect the property, its systems and its overall state.

Although an inspection will perhaps uncover certain issues the property may have,  it is best to remain objective and simply point out and report the concerns that need to be addressed.

During the inspection, the inspector should look around, take notes, write comments, snap photos and provide  a detailed report on the state of the property as well as some feedback on future maintenance.

home inspection

The thorough home inspection can even tell you about routine maintenance that should be performed, which can be a great tip should you consider buying a property.

A home inspection will require some of your time, but in the long run, it’ll be worth it. The inspection can reveal problems that you may be able to observe before moving in a new property so in the end, this will save you time and money.

Inspection checklist 

Typically a home inspection is all about checking the safety and proper condition of the property.

Although inspection may vary depending on the type of property, an inspection can include the following.

Property’s interior key elements: 

  • Walls, floors, ceiling
  • Countertops and cabinets
  • Doors and windows
  • Kitchen appliances


  • Fixtures and faucets
  • Water heater
  • Drain, waste and vent systems


  • Service entrance conductors, cables and raceways
  • Service equipment and main disconnects
  • Service grounding
  • Service panels and subpanels
  • Conductors
  • Light fixtures, switches and receptacles
  • Circuit interrupters

Heating and cooling systems

  • Access panels
  • Thermostats
  • Installed heating and cooling equipment
  • Stoves


home inspection

After the inspection, the next step as a potential tenant or buyer is to discuss and analyse the report with your agent who can advise you on what are the next steps. If the inspection was straightforward and there were no issues, then you can easily proceed with the next steps.

If the inspection uncovered some issues, you may need to further  negotiate after the inspection.

Types of Property Inspections for Landlords and Property Managers

property inspection

Inspections are perhaps one of the most important tasks you need to do as they help ensure that the property is well maintained; in case there are any issues, these can be resolved before signing the contract.

A property inspection is also crucial because it can quickly assess and track the condition of your property, and allow it to remain profitable and have added value for the future.

If you conduct the inspection yourself, be prepared to know when you should perform this task.

Check out the types of inspections you may need to perform at your property.

Move-in property inspection 

property inspection

There’s more to moving in than simply signing a lease. Doing a property inspection before residents move in will hold them accountable for damages and reduce the likelihood for security deposit disputes. Also, this is important as prospective tenants can thoroughly check if the property has any issues or not.

For this type of inspection, you need to complete a walk-through inspection with the tenant and note down any existing damages to the property. This will help protect you and the tenant from any legal disputes concerning the condition of the property.

Move-out property inspection

property inspection

This type of inspection takes places when a tenant decides to move out. This means you’ll need to schedule a move-out inspection, which will allow you to check if there is any damage to the property beyond the normal wear and tear.

During this inspection, you can also compare your findings to the move-in inspection report to assess whether the property is being returned in the same condition. If repairs are needed, it’s important to document the cost.

Seasonal property inspection

Once a new resident moves in,  it means that the property will be in their hands for a long period of time. Although this may seem tedious, it may still be important to complete periodic property inspections to ensure everything is in order. This can be of benefit for both the tenant and the landlord.

Property inspections remain one of the most important tasks of a landlord or property manager as they ensure that the property is being maintained properly and there won’t be any issues on both sides.

Routine inspections are used to avoid problems before they become major problems. Being proactive is important and completing routine inspections regularly can save big problems down the track.